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Tooth Extractions in Pinehurst, NC

Gentle Tooth Extractions in Pinehurst, NC

When a tooth cannot be saved, protect your oral health with tooth extraction. Contact us for an appointment today.

Tooth extractions in Pinehurst, NC may be necessary if you have periodontal disease or damaged teeth. Whatever the reason, a skilled local dental office like Hubbard Dental can determine whether you would benefit from a tooth extraction.

At Hubbard Dental, we perform tooth extractions to deal with an infection, to prepare your mouth for orthodontic treatment, or to improve your dental health in other ways. Our dentist’s careful and caring approach makes tooth extractions straightforward.

Teeth extractions help combat many different dental issues, so our dentist can help you figure out if a tooth extraction is suitable for your needs. In addition, our team will instruct you on preparation and aftercare to smooth recovery.

Reasons for a Dental Extraction

Tooth extractions may be necessary to stop the spread of decay or prepare for restorative procedures. Our dentist will consider your needs and budget and advise you on the best options.

Tooth extractions in Pinehurst, NC can be life-saving by resolving rotting teeth and other dental problems. When you visit Hubbard Dental, we’ll discuss your dental history, current medications, current teeth condition, and other health issues to determine whether you need a tooth extraction or whether it is optional.

Decayed Teeth

In addition to pain and discomfort, decayed teeth can spread the infection to other parts of your mouth, jaw, or other parts of your body, potentially leading to sepsis. For teeth damaged beyond repair, extraction may be the only option.

Tooth extraction is an easy way to eliminate the source of infection and relieve pain from decayed teeth. Our dentist can remove decayed teeth quickly and easily. At Hubbard Dental, we also offer tooth replacement options to restore your smile after an extraction.

Periodontal Disease

The periodontal disease infects your teeth and causes damage under the gum line. If the bone becomes infected, it can lead to loose teeth. Patients with advanced gum disease may need extractions to remove infection and encourage gum health.

At Hubbard Dental, we can help you fight severe periodontal disease with a tooth extraction. Our skilled dentist in Pinehurst will extract infected teeth with dead roots.

Preparation for Other Treatments

Sometimes teeth are improperly positioned, nonfunctional, or in the way of necessary treatment. For example, if your teeth didn’t come down all the way, are causing bite problems, or are preventing Invisalign treatment or other dental care, we can remove them.

Types of Tooth Removal in Pinehurst, NC

Depending on your dental issues, your tooth extraction process may be minimal. There are two types of tooth extractions:

  • Basic tooth extraction: A basic extraction removes teeth that are in clear view. You’ll receive a local anesthetic to numb the area without going to sleep. These extractions take little time compared to other procedures.
  • Surgical extraction: Teeth deeper under the gum line will require surgical extraction. Patients receive general anesthesia for more extensive extractions.

Dr. Hubbard has ample experience with both basic and surgical tooth extractions. But, first, we’ll determine the type of extraction you need depending on your oral health.

Tooth Extraction Process

If you and your dentist decide that tooth extraction is suitable for you, the tooth extraction process is relatively straightforward. Our dentist will:

  • Numb the area around your tooth, jaw, and affected gums with anesthetics
  • Rock the tooth to increase the socket’s size
  • Pull the tooth out of the widened socket
  • Flush out infection if necessary
  • Stop the bleeding with gauze pads

After the tooth extraction process, the healing process can begin. Our knowledgeable team will advise you on best aftercare practices to encourage quick healing and help manage gum and jaw pain.

Tooth Extraction Services in Pinehurst, NC

Hubbard Dental is your leading practice for tooth extractions and other dental services. We understand that tooth extractions can be nerve-wracking, but our luxurious, spa-like environment will relax you. We’ll ensure a comfortable experience from the moment you arrive.

You’re in excellent hands with our skilled dentists and hygienists. We have years of experience performing tooth extractions and resolving dental issues. Whether your need tooth extraction due to periodontal disease or an inconveniently positioned tooth, the professionals at Hubbard Dental will remove your teeth safely and effectively.

Don’t let rotten teeth cause a mouthful of problems. Instead, contact Hubbard Dental to see if you need a tooth extraction in Pinehurst, NC. Book an appointment today by calling us at (910) 695-3050.