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Proper dental care is even more crucial in your senior years. Dental problems such as periodontal disease or tooth decay can quickly lead to severe medical conditions, even with dentures. Luckily, Hubbard Dental offers senior-focused dental care in Pinehurst, NC.

At Hubbard Dental, we understand the importance of oral health care for seniors and provide compassionate, senior-focused dental care. You’ll appreciate Dr. Hubbard’s professional, individualized approach to your dental treatment. Whether you need fillings, dental implants, or a checkup and cleaning, we can help.

Your oral health directly affects the rest of your body, no matter your age. For example, your teeth change after age 55, leaving you more susceptible to illness. Getting regular dental care from Hubbard Dental reduces your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other issues.

If you’re 55 or older, consider Hubbard Dental for your dental care needs. Our experienced and caring team will make you feel comfortable throughout your treatment.

Common Dental Problems for Seniors

As you get older, your immune system is more prone to attack. As a result, dental problems that used to be minor can now affect you more seriously. 

Seniors can develop many different dental issues, including:

  • Periodontal disease: Gum disease has links to heart disease and several severe health conditions in people 55 and older. Infected gums may result from improperly sized dentures, systemic diseases, built-up plaque, and more. We can treat the periodontal disease effectively no matter the stage.
  • Darker teeth: If you smoke or consume teeth-staining foods and beverages, you will likely have dark, stained teeth in your senior years. Additionally, wear and tear on tooth enamel will create a darker appearance.
  • Tooth and root decay: Teeth decay faster when you’re older, leading to quicker root decay. We can prevent root decay so you can keep your natural smile. Alternatively, we offer tooth removal and dentures.
  • Dry mouth: Medications and dehydration are two common causes of dry mouth in seniors. Our hygienists advise senior patients on reducing bad breath and dry mouth.
  • Missing teeth: Inconsistent dental hygiene adds up over the years. Missing teeth are common in seniors and can cause severe infections without proper treatment.

At Hubbard Dental, our hygienists and dentist can resolve these issues and more. We create a personalized plan to improve your oral health and prevent future problems. Our team makes getting dental care easy and effective.

Health Conditions and Dental Problems

Aging puts you at risk for many health issues. The most common health problems seniors face related to poor dental hygiene include heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory conditions. The mouth and body connection means minor dental issues have links to life-threatening conditions such as these.

Heart Disease

Your mouth is full of blood vessels and veins. If bacteria from infected gums reaches these blood vessels, you risk suffering heart disease or heart attacks.

Hubbard Dental understands the potentially life-threatening nature of heart conditions. Therefore, we implement precise treatments to remove the infection before it reaches the bloodstream.


Dental problems are also linked to diabetes. As your blood glucose level increases, the glucose level in your saliva also increases, making bacteria proliferate. Rapid bacteria growth leads to decayed teeth and gum disease.

Managing your diabetes and ensuring regular brushing will help prevent further damage. In addition, Dr. Hubbard can develop an effective treatment plan to tackle gum disease.

Respiratory Illnesses

Considering your mouth’s proximity to your chest, your lungs are also at risk. The same bacteria affecting your cardiovascular system can create respiratory problems. In addition, seniors have lower immune systems and can develop pneumonia from dental issues.

Hubbard Dental understands the need for effective senior-focused care to prevent respiratory illnesses and more. So keep your smile and fight respiratory conditions with our services.

Oral Health Maintenance for Seniors

It’s vital to take proper care of your teeth in your senior years. The older your teeth get, the more plaque sticks to their surface. Maintaining excellent dental health will keep your physical health up and prevent serious issues later.

After each meal, seniors who brush and floss are less likely to develop tooth decay. However, we understand that aging can lead to motor function struggles. Our dentist can recommend the best toothbrushes for patients with joint issues to make it easier to brush regularly.

It’s not enough to maintain your oral health at home. Every six months, you should visit Hubbard Dental for a thorough cleaning and dental exam. Dr. Hubbard will ensure your teeth are in good condition or schedule necessary procedures.

In addition to regular dental appointments and maintenance, senior patients should also stay hydrated and quit smoking. Drink water to combat dry mouth and dislodge food bits between meals. Smoking dehydrates you, stains your teeth, increases cancer risks, and causes gum disease.

Geriatric Dentist in Pinehurst, NC

Are you looking for senior-focused dental care in Pinehurst, NC? Consider Hubbard Dental for all your senior dentistry needs, from restorative to preventative procedures. We offer the following dental services for seniors:

At Hubbard Dental, our senior patients receive the highest quality care. Our hygienists’ and dentists’ gentle touch is perfect for old dental treatment. We also use state-of-the-art equipment for precise, painless plaque removal.

Rest assured that you’re in good hands with Hubbard Dental. We specialize in senior-focused care and are proud to assist Pinehurst, NC seniors in improving their dental health. No matter your needs, we treat them accurately and effectively.

In addition to senior-focused care in Pinehurst, NC, we also offer cosmetic dentistry, preventative and restorative dentistry, Clearcorrect, and traditional braces, among other services. Call or stop by our office to learn more.

When you need senior-focused dental care in Pinehurst, NC, choose the team that will make you comfortable: Hubbard Dental. Contact us today at (910) 695-3050.