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West End, NC, residents need comprehensive dentistry to achieve the best oral health. Unfortunately, visiting a dentist in West End, NC, can be nerve-wracking for many. Luckily, the team at Hubbard Dental has considerable expertise in providing comfortable dental care.

Hubbard Dental is your go-to solution when you need a dentist in West End, NC. As dental experts, we provide detail-oriented, individualized care for each patient. We guarantee your satisfaction with expert dental services and an elegant practice to match.

Our patients are our priority. You can rely on us for the best dental services in West End and the surrounding areas.

Senior-Focused Dentist

As you age, it becomes even more vital to take care of your dental health. Seniors are at most risk of sustaining respiratory infections and other medical conditions from poor oral health. In addition, bacteria from periodontal disease can spread through the bloodstream quickly and wreak havoc elsewhere.

Hubbard Dental takes a caring approach to geriatric dentistry. As a senior-focused dentist, Dr. Hubbard utilizes advanced, effective methods to tackle older patients’ needs. Our team understands the necessity of a thorough treatment plan to prevent the underlying catalysts of these medical problems.

Whether you need a routine dental exam or a denture fitting, we can help. Hubbard Dental’s varied senior dentistry will meet all of your needs successfully.


A straight smile will boost your confidence, and you can feel good about your smile with help from Hubbard Dental. We can put braces on your teeth to tighten gaps, bring teeth into proper alignment, and give you a perfectly straight smile.

Say goodbye to crooked teeth, difficulty chewing, and mouth discomfort. Hubbard Dental’s braces services cater to your specific needs. 

While metal braces are the traditional option, they cause more discomfort than clear or smart bracket braces. Hubbard Dental offers patients several different options. See if you’re eligible for traditional braces or invisible aligners with help from our dentist.

Laser Dentistry

Lasers have been a transformative innovation in dentistry over the past few years. Whether you need restorative or preventive procedures, laser dentistry works. Hubbard Dental utilizes laser dentistry to minimize pain, eliminate harmful bacteria, and ensure effective treatment.

Laser dentistry is ideal for patients with anxiety. You require no anesthesia to receive laser dentistry, and its silent, painless treatment may reduce your nerves. No matter your age, you are a good candidate for laser dentistry.

We have significant experience providing laser dentistry to smooth uneven tooth surfaces, remove decay, and prepare for cosmetic treatments. Trust us for precise laser dentistry.

Dental Crowns

The exposed tooth pulp is unappealing and increases your chance of severe infection. You don’t have to withstand the discomfort and embarrassment of worn or missing teeth. Hubbard Dental provides dental crowns for a lasting smile.

Dental crowns restore your teeth’ function. We apply the best quality crowns to ensure our patients’ smiles last for years. With our help, you’ll have a dazzling smile and prevent further damage to worn teeth.

Our experts will discuss your dental history and examine your teeth to determine if a single crown or implanted crown will be best. Then, consider dental crowns for your restorative dentistry treatment with advice from our hygienists and dentist.

Family Dentistry

Hubbard Dental proudly offers compassionate, knowledgeable, and caring family dentistry as a female-owned business. Our team highlights the importance of dental health regardless of age and has experience treating patients of all ages.

Family dentistry encompasses many services, from general dental care to cosmetic dentistry treatments. So whether it’s time for a routine exam or you need a root canal, we are your whole family’s dental partner. 

We use stress and pain-free solutions to clean your children’s teeth, such as laser dentistry. Then, we’ll create the best plan for each member of your family, depending on each person’s dental concern.

Clear Correct

Traditional teeth straightening solutions can be painful and take years to finish. As a result, modern orthodontics has given rise to Clear Correct invisible aligners. Hubbard Dental offers Clear Correct aligners to combat the problems of traditional braces while remaining effective.

If you’re eligible for Clear Correct aligners, Hubbard Dental will facilitate your teeth straightening process. Our team will perform a consultation and take molds of your teeth to begin the treatment. Speak to us about trying Clear Correct plastic aligners at your next visit.

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