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Brushing and flossing twice a day isn’t enough—comprehensive dental services are a must-have for complete oral health. North Carolina residents should see a dentist every six months, no matter their age. You can trust the reliable dentist in Southern Pines, NC, at Hubbard Dental.

Hubbard Dental in Southern Pines, NC, is the area’s leader in preventive care. Our team puts our patients first with comprehensive dental services, whether you need senior-focused dentistry or laser dentistry. Rest assured that we’ll improve your dental health from day one.

Senior-Focused Dentist

After age 55, your immune system can no longer fight off infection as effectively as it once could. As a result, seniors are prone to problems like gum disease and root decay, and getting regular dental care will prevent you from a severe illness from these issues.

Oral infections can spread quickly, putting senior patients at risk for heart disease and diabetes. Our team uses advanced technology to fight plaque buildup proactively.

At Hubbard Dental, our senior-focused dentist will make you comfortable throughout your treatment. We’ll create an individualized treatment plan to improve your oral health. We offer dentures, dental implants, and more to seniors. 


Those looking to restore their smile can easily do it with braces from Hubbard Dental. We understand the effects a straight smile has on patients’ self-esteem and offer traditional metal braces, invisible aligners, and other options. In addition, our team will help you decide which type of braces are right for you to help align your teeth and improve your bite.

Orthodontics can also resolve uncomfortable tooth positioning without the need for extractions. Whether you need braces to straighten your smile or to prepare more extensive treatments, we’ll straighten your teeth in no time. We offer an orthodontic consultation to begin the process.

Laser Dentistry

As a top-rated dentist in Southern Pines, NC, Hubbard Dental stays on the cutting edge of dental technology. We want our patients to receive practical and stress-free dental solutions.

We also understand that patients can have anxiety about visiting the dentist. So our practice offers laser dentistry for precise and comfortable treatment.

Our dentist utilizes laser dentistry to eliminate tooth decay, prepare tooth enamel for other procedures, reshape gum tissue, and more. Whether you need cosmetic procedures or periodontal disease treatment, we’ll improve your smile and healing time with minimally invasive laser dentistry. You can trust us for a thorough job.

Dental Crowns

If your teeth are broken or worn, Hubbard Dental’s dental crown services may be an ideal solution to restore your smile. Dental crowns cover the top of your teeth to prevent further damage. Our dentist has years of experience applying crowns and bridges.

Hubbard Dental’s dental crown restorations will improve your teeth’ appearance, increase your confidence, and help you eat comfortably. Whether you have natural teeth or dental implants, a dental crown is a high-quality resolution.

Come to us for various dental crown services. We use the highest-quality materials and offer sedation to relax you, and our dental experts can also repair broken crowns.

Family Dentistry

It’s time to start taking your kids to the dentist after they turn three. Your whole family needs a comprehensive dental solution, and Hubbard Dental is proud to be your family dentistry in Southern Pines. Our family-friendly approach to dentistry is ideal for children and adults.

Hubbard Dental meets the whole family’s dental concerns. Whether you want teeth whitening or your child needs a gentle pediatric dentist, we’re the practice to visit. We have experience accommodating the whole family.

We ensure your family’s teeth are in excellent condition with dental exams and thorough cleanings. Our team can also advise children on brushing habits.

Clear Correct

At Hubbard Dental, your comfort is paramount. While traditional braces effectively straighten your teeth, invisible aligners are a faster, more convenient, and more comfortable solution. That’s why we offer Clear, Correct aligners to give you a stunning smile. 

Plastic Clear Correct aligners fit your teeth and are removable for eating, drinking, brushing your teeth, and more. In addition, you’ll enjoy less mouth pain from the lack of metal. Hubbard Dental’s professionals can determine if you are eligible for Clear Correct aligners. 

Hubbard Dental implements an individualized plan to achieve straight teeth. We help you avoid the downsides of braces while getting the convenience of a retainer.

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As a top dentist in Southern Pines, NC, we welcome new patients to our sophisticated and relaxing office for all your dental needs. Schedule your appointment today. Contact Hubbard Dental at (910) 695-3050.

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