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Dental Bridges in Pinehurst, NC

Consider the Benefits of Dental Bridges in Pinehurst, NC

Are you thinking about replacing missing teeth in Pinehurst, NC? Contact us at 910-695-3050 to discuss getting a bridge. 

Dental bridges in Pinehurst, NC, provide patients with a proven method to replace lost teeth. Our team at Hubbard Dental has the experience and training to assess your needs and install a bridge. You can set up an appointment with our dental office today. 

Go Over the Facts About Dental Bridges

Dental bridges give patients beautiful smiles. These appliances replace one or more missing teeth. Dental professionals treat a bridge as a dental implant, especially permanent bridges that always stay in your mouth. 

Dentists create bridges from materials like ceramic. However, you have multiple options for materials, including:

  • Gold alloys
  • Porcelain 
  • Non-precious metals 

Dentists shape the bridge to look like your missing teeth and match your surrounding teeth’ color. The bridge connects to your surrounding natural teeth, so it stays in place. 

Types of Dental Bridges in Pinehurst

Our female-owned dental clinic believes in providing you with comprehensive information about your treatment options. As a result, you have multiple options when you decide to replace a missing tooth (or teeth) with a bridge.

Traditional Bridges

Traditional bridges require dentists to make changes to your abutment teeth. Instead, we use abutment teeth to refer to the natural teeth on either side of your missing teeth. 

Dentists reshape the top of your abutment teeth to install a traditional bridge. They then place crowns on top of the abutment teeth. The ceramic crowns hold the traditional bridge in place, replacing your missing teeth. 

Maryland Bridges

Maryland bridges represent a care option for patients who want to avoid changing their abutment teeth. These bridges attach to the abutment teeth with clamps instead of requiring the placement of crowns. 

Implant-Supported Bridges

Finally, you can choose a more permanent solution by selecting an implant-supported bridge. These bridges do not connect to your surrounding teeth at all. Instead, they connect to metal posts carefully placed in your jaw. 

Implant-supported bridges generally last longer than traditional or Maryland bridges. However, depending on the number of adjacent teeth you are currently missing, you may require one or more posts. You can learn more by contacting our team. 

Reasons to Get a Dental Bridge

Many patients first consider implant dentistry as a way to improve their smile. Missing teeth may make it harder for you to feel comfortable smiling. Bridges match your surrounding teeth, allowing you to look like yourself again. 

Dental bridges in Pinehurst also come with other benefits. Bridges:

  • Make it easier to chew
  • Keep your teeth adequately aligned 
  • Prevent the loss of bone density 
  • Help you avoid a ‘sunken’ look 

Bridges also protect your oral health in many cases. Gaps in your teeth can encourage the growth of bacteria or lead to infections, further damaging your teeth. We take your dental health seriously and help you protect your smile with a dental bridge. 

Tips to Properly Care for Your Dental Bridge

Regardless of the dental bridge, you select, it’s essential to care for your new appliance properly. Dental bridges do not require much in the way of special treatment. Instead, care for them the way you would your natural teeth by brushing, flossing, and regularly visiting the dentist. 

Dental bridges may last for many years if you care for them properly. Implant-supported bridges tend to last longer than other bridge options, but even a traditional bridge may last for around 15 years if you treat it appropriately. 

Dental Bridge Procedure

Our team handles each step of installing a dental bridge in Pinehurst, NC. We begin by inviting you to our spa-like office for a consultation and x-rays. During the consultation, you can decide what kind of bridge you want. 

We take molds of your mouth and teeth to create the bridge. Then, our team carefully matches the bridge to the color of your natural teeth. 

Depending upon the kind of bridge you want, we’ll then apply crowns to your abutment teeth or install posts for an implant. Technicians carefully adjust your bridge after installing the device to make it feel comfortable. 

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